How to fit Velux blinds

Skylight window blinds, commonly referred to as Velux window blinds, are ideal for controlling light and temperature and are renowned for their simplicity.

Fitting Velux blinds is also fairly simple, especially if you follow our handy step-by-step guide:


Before you begin, make sure you’re equipped with the tools below, to make your installation as smooth as possible.

Step ladder

Drill and drill bit

Screw driver

Rawl plugs


Step 1: Before you start fitting your Velux blind

Before you begin installing the Velux blind, we have a few helpful hints to save you headaches down the line.

  • Clean your skylight and surrounding window frame. Clear any dust or dirt that may be hard to reach once your Velux blind is fitted.
  • Take the head cassette and check it fits snug in the space required.

Now that you’re content with the cleanliness and fit, you can begin the actual installation.

Step 2: Fitting Velux blinds

Here at Blinds4You we have a range of skylight blinds including styles from manufacturers such as Velux.

No doubt this is the part you’ve been eager to get on with but don’t forget to take your time and be as precise as can be.

  • Position the headbox inside the inner window frame and push it into place until you hear it ‘click’.
  • Take one of the clips and place it on the bottom of the inner window frame and screw it in to secure it in position.
  • Do the same with the other clip at the opposite side, ensuring they’re level.
  • Now take one of the side channels and position it over its matching side of the inner window frame.
  • Next, slide the side channel up towards the headbox until the corners meet. Make sure the cord isn’t in the way.
  • You should now notice the bottom of the side channel aligning with the bottom clip. Push it into lace until you hear it click.
  • Repeat this process on the opposite side with the other side channel.
  • Further secure the side channels by screwing them into place with your screws and screwdriver via the holes in each channel. There should now be no gaps around the headbox and channels.
  • Now remove the red circular cord retainers and unwind the cord.
  • Finally, pull the cord to the bottom of the side channel and secure the plastic ‘T’ in to the bottom clip.

Step 3. Enjoy your Velux blinds

Now that you’re at the bottom of your step-ladder, take a look at what you’ve achieved!

If you notice that the blinds are not staying in position or retract on their own accord, you can adjust the tension by moving the cord stops higher on each side channel.