Yellow Perfect Fit Blinds

Our Yellow Perfect Fit blinds are incredibly functional and stylish. Suitable for most uPVC windows and doors - and go perfectly with white framed windows and doors, the Perfect Fit system really shines when used for tilt and turn windows. Raise/lower and tilt functions of blind gives you great control over light and privacy.

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Why should I choose Yellow PerfectFIT Blinds?

Designed specifically for uPVC windows, yellow Perfect Fit blinds have been a staple blind for many years, and long may it continue. Specially designed to fit in the frame of your window without screws they are a functional and stylish blind that gives your room light and a sense of control. A surrounding frame gives the blind a seamless feel to it that makes it look integrated into your window - which is further underlined when it comes to our yellow range. Read more about Perfect Fit Blinds here.


How do I measure for PerfectFIT Blinds?

Measuring for PerfectFIT blinds is pretty straight forward. Once you’ve chosen your slat colour/pattern, just measure - in millimetres and ideally with a metal tape measure - the glass of the window to give you the height (drop) and width measurements. Then use our on-page calculator to get your price - it’s that simple! Please note: Depth of All PerfectFIT Blinds is 25mm. If you're still unsure, you can download measuring instructions from our list of measuring guides.


How to fit PerfectFIT Blinds?

Fitting PerfectFIT blinds is a simple process with the right tools and know-how. For the best guidance either download our PDF fitting guides from our list of fitting guides here.


How do I clean PerfectFIT Blinds

How to clean PerfectFIT blinds?’ is often one of the most asked questions when it comes to blind maintenance. There are many ways to clean your blinds using dust-free cloths, vacuum cleaners and special-made blind cleaners. However, the easiest and simplest way is to use a feather duster to clean your blinds. Open your blinds and simply wipe the dust away; for deeper marks, use a wet cloth.