Brown Pleated Blinds

Available in a wide range of beautiful and contemporary fabrics our brown pleated blinds are incredibly functional. Offering you blinds with a blackout option or choose from our range of performance fabrics, designed to keep your room cool in summer and warm in the winter making you home more ECO friendly.

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Why should I choose Brown Pleated Blinds?

Brown pleated blinds are incredibly functional blinds with a wide range of modern and contemporary fabrics available. Pleated blinds are often used in conservatories, as they offer a soft shading effect, filtering sunlight, so the room doesn’t become too hot and uncomfortable. You can also ask for special solar finishes that block harmful UV rays. Another plus for pleated blinds is how they concertina out of sight at the top or bottom of the window, leaving just a small stack – perfect if you prefer a minimal look during the day, want to enjoy the view, or don’t have much space around your window. Many pleated blind systems are also cordless, so they’re a safe choice if you have young children. Pleated blinds are an excellent eco-friendly choice. You can opt for a thermal layer or coating, so your blinds offer more insulation and help regulate room temperature better. So-called ‘honeycomb’, or cellular, designs trap air inside two layers, keeping the heat in during winter and out in summer. For more on why you should choose Pleated Blinds, visit our blog.

How do I measure for a Pleated Blind?

Measuring for Pleated blinds is pretty straight forward. Once you’ve chosen your fabric, just measure - in millimetres and ideally with a metal tape measure - the recess of the window to give you the height (drop) and width measurements. Then use our on-page calculator to get your price - it’s that simple! Please note: Depth of All Pleated Blinds is 45mm. If you want more guidance, please download our guide here.

How to fit Pleated Blinds?

Fitting Pleated blinds can be a simple process with the right tools and know-how. In simplistic terms, mark the brackets in each corner of the recess, using a masonry drill, drill the relevant holes and insert a raw plug. Screw the brackets in place and then lift the blind into place. If you need some further guidance, please visit our guide on how to fit Pleated blinds.