Black Roller Blinds

Available in a wide range of beautiful and contemporary fabrics these Black Roller blinds are incredibly functional and great for that bright look. Ideal for any room from bedroom, with a blackout fabric (even in white), to a bathroom in a PVC water proof fabric there is a roller blind fabric for every room in your home.

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Why should I choose Black Roller Blinds?

Our black roller blinds are stunning to add depth to your room. Popular in all rooms, including bathrooms where moisture can be an issue with other blind types, these blinds are both durable and easy to maintain. Despite choosing on a black blind, that doesn't mean that you're fixed on a simple style. You can choose different materials and finishes to add a different complex to your room.

For more information on the benefits of roller blinds, why not read our blog post?

How do I measure for a Roller Blind?

Measuring for Roller blinds is pretty straight forward. Once you’ve chosen your fabric, just measure - in millimetres and ideally with a metal tape measure - the recess of the window to give you the height (drop) and width measurements. Then use our on-page calculator to get your price - it’s that simple! Please note: Depth of All Roller Blinds is 45mm. We've provided a comprehensive list of measuring guides here.

How to fit Roller Blinds?

Fitting Roller blinds can be a simple process with the right tools and know-how. In simplistic terms, mark the brackets in each corner of the recess, using a masonry drill, drill the relevant holes and insert a raw plug. Screw the brackets in place and then lift the blind into place. If you need some further guidance, please visit our guide on how to fit Roller blinds.

How do I clean Roller Blinds?

‘How to clean Roller Roller blinds?’ is often one of the most asked questions when it comes to blind maintenance. There are many ways to clean your blinds using dust-free cloths, vacuum cleaners and special-made blind cleaners. However, the easiest and simplest way is to use a feather duster to clean your Roller blinds. Open your blinds and simply wipe the dust away; for deeper marks, use a wet cloth. Here's our definitive list for cleaning blinds.