Why choose white blinds?

White is one of the most popular colours chosen for blinds. It has been used in interior décor for as long as we can remember. It is considered a must-have colour in their homes for many, especially when it comes to blinds. Choose from a fantastic range of white blinds from wooden, venetians, rollers, verticals, and pleated blinds.

White blinds have the magical effect of making your room feel larger and more spacious. It is a popular choice for living rooms for that exact reason and helps brighten room décor. As well as that, white blinds are especially great for kitchens and bathrooms, as it is easy to spot anything and wipe it clean. Here are a few of our favourite choices.


dove white faux wooden blinds 50mm

Faux-Wooden Blinds

White faux-wood blinds such as the Dove White Fine Grain Wooden Blind pictured above is trendy and for a good reason. The slats are made of a durable, waterproof PVC material and come in 35mm and 50mm size slats. With these blinds, you have full light and privacy control by using the cords on the left to adjust the slats and raise or lower the blind with the cords on the right. These are standard controls with the faux-wood blind. You can also get them with decorative tapes, which adds an elegant finish to your blind.

 You can take a look at this product here.


omaha brilliant white vertical blind

Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds are a fantastic choice to go for in your home as you have complete light and privacy control. They are made of fabric and can soften your windows with the colour choice. The Omaha Brilliant White vertical blind pictured above is an excellent example of a subtle textured and patterned blind that adds something extra to the usual white blind. The gentle waves flowing down that can be seen in the fabric scan on the product page may not be fully obvious at first, but as the light shines and hits the fabric, it shines beautifully through the slats.

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hampshire white day and night blinds

Day & Night Blinds

These stunning and innovative blinds are always the perfect choice in living rooms. The Hampshire White Day & Night blind pictured above is a picture-perfect example of these elegant blinds in real life. Made with two layers of fabric, you can use the chain to adjust the blinds to let in lots of light while keeping your privacy by lining up the translucent layers. Alternatively, you can roll it back down and layer the fabric stripes to cover it completely—a hybrid of rollers and venetian blinds that has become increasingly popular over time.

You can take a look at this product here.



 To recap, we offer a wide range of white blinds that it would be impossible to talk about all of them in this post alone. You will find something suitable and perfect for you for every room in the house with our collection. Our favourite choices are the Wooden, Verticals and Day & Night blinds.

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