Why choose red blinds?

Bold and vibrant, red is a colour that can bring so much fun into your interior but can also overpower everything else. We look into some of the best matches with red and offer tips that we think work best with a bright blind!
Last week we spoke about purple blinds and some of the greatest matches with them. We're going to go for something a lot brighter and bolder - red blinds. Stunning colour that works in so many interiors for an extra wow factor. We love this colour matched with dark wood furniture, black, white and even navy. Have a look below for some of our recommended products!
barcelona chilli red roller blinds

Black x Red Matches

A cinema room or bedroom needs to be dark to ensure you get either the best watching experience or help you sleep depending on the room. It might be that you're looking to include this for a cinema room and go for a retro-style theme with black walls, red blinds and furnishings. In which case, the best blind to go for is a blackout roller blind as it has an extra layer that blocks light coming through the blind. This colour match is definitely for those looking to create an atmosphere. The Barcelona Chilli Red roller blind is a blackout blind and is currently on offer. Save 10% if you purchase soon!

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verona chilli red roller blind

Dark Wood x Red Matches

Do you have lots of dark wooden furniture or a dark leather sofa? If so, consider going for the Verona Chilli Red Roller blind. The stunning colour of this pattern suits dark wood effortlessly and stick out from the rest. Add bronze elements to your room to add a metallic and exciting touch to your décor.

You can view this blind here:
geometric scarlet red vertical blinds

Navy x Red Matches

Navy and red is a fantastic pairing; the dark shade of blue perfectly illuminates the shine in red blinds. Whether you've got navy walls, soft furniture or dark accents throughout your room, the Geometric Scarlet Red vertical blind will fit right in. As the light hits the slats, the lines in the geometric pattern are highlighted ever so lightly that it creates a warm feeling to your window. It is a beautiful choice to go for that you certainly won't regret trying.

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Fabrics can look a bit different in real life than in pictures, and it can be hard to judge your perfect blind without seeing it fit in with the rest. Red is a fantastic colour that shines the brightest when paired with darker shades. It works great paired with white, but we wanted to show some other choices this week and discuss unconventional interior design ideas for homes. We'd recommend ordering some samples and seeing how they suit your home.

We have a great range of red blinds across our pleated, venetian, roller, and you can view vertical blinds and them on here:

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