Why choose purple blinds?

Rich and chic, purple is starting to become popular in interior design. There is nothing like this exquisite colour in your home, from lilac to a dark plum shade - you will find blinds you love in our collection. We have great options across our pleated, venetian, roller and vertical ranges.

Last week we spoke about green blinds and how amazing they look in purple interiors. This week, we want to pull our focus on purple. It is a fantastic colour and choice, as it isn't everybody's first thought for colour, but it is an excellent option to go for. Please take a look at some of our favourite matches using purple.

vienna slow purple roller blind

White x Purple Matches

One of the best matches for purple is to match it with classic white. As purple is a darker colour, many prefer to include white or beige in their interior to give the room a more open feeling. The easiest way to do this is to have white walls and have purple accents in the rest of the room. You can do this with purple blinds, shelves, furniture, and small decorative pieces such as vases. The Vienna Sloe Purple roller blind is an excellent choice as the light shade is perfect for contemporary designs.

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lavish lavender purple 25mm venetian blind

 Baby Blue x Purple Matches

Baby blue is a stunning shade that matches purple effortlessly. We love it both ways - a pale purple such as the Lavish Lavender Purple venetian blind pictured above, or if you're more daring, go for something darker such as the Iris Purple venetian blind pictured below. Both work fabulously with baby blue. The former is a lovely colour palette to go for in children's rooms or living rooms, where the light colours bring a fresh and bright feeling to the room. The latter option is more mature and bold as the contrasting colour shades work harmoniously to create a jaw-dropping look.

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iris purple venetian blinds 25mm

Yellow x Purple Matches  

Contrasting colour matches are our favourite; yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, which means they are a perfect match for each other. Iris Purple Venetian blind pictured above is a fantastic choice to go for with a soft pastel yellow. Try pairing a dark purple blind with bright yellow accents near it, such as a vase or picture frame. You can even pair dark purple blinds with a soft yellow floral curtain to match it. There are endless possibilities with this unique match that helps you stand out in the best ways possible.

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In summary, as always, it is totally up to you. We love talking about colours and how to match them in your home using blinds. They can make or break an interior design, and there's nothing worse than feeling like something isn't right. Is purple not your thing? Check out our collection of blinds from wooden venetians, rollers, verticals to perfect fit pleated suitable for PVC doors and windows!

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