What Blinds are in style this Summer?

Updating your window coverings is one of the simplest ways to give your house a bright and airy makeover throughout the summer. Blinds not only offer privacy and control over natural light, but they also give every room a refined, stylish touch.

Which cool blinds are trendy this summer? Discover the ideal blinds to improve your décor by exploring the newest trends.

What window blinds are in for summer 2023?

It's all about enjoying the light and airy vibes this summer. Consider purchasing blinds in bold and energising colours to fit with the sunny season. Popular selections for a summer-inspired design include aqua blue, lemon yellow, and coral. Blackout blinds are also strongly advised since they are a fantastic insulation tool that keeps your house cool and comfortable during the sweltering summer days while also blocking out harsh sunlight.

What kind of blinds are fashionable?

Fashionable blinds are an integral element in interior design, adding both style and functionality to any space. With a wide range of options available, these blinds effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of a room while providing privacy, light control, and even energy efficiency.

Roller Blinds

Due to their modern, sleek appearance and selection of fabric choices and personalisation, roller blinds have grown in popularity recently. They are a desirable option for contemporary interiors due to their ability to neatly roll up when not in use and save space.

Transform your space with the captivating charm of bold pattern roller blinds, adding a vibrant and dynamic touch to your windows allowing the luxury roller blind to offer a seamless blend of sophistication.

 Barcelona Hint Pink Roller Blinds

The Barcelona Hint Pink Blackout roller blind has a light pink shade that is dim out and appropriate for damp environments. A soft, delicate tone that is classy enough for the living room or elegant enough for a bedroom.

Venetian Blinds

Due to its classic beauty, adaptable design, and capacity to improve any area, Venetian blinds are in style. They are appropriate for every space because of their great privacy and light control features. Venetian blinds are a wise investment due to their low maintenance requirements and selection of tough materials. Venetian blinds are a chic and practical window treatment solution that looks well in both classic and contemporary décor.

Blue Glimmer Venetian Blinds 25mm

The Blue Glimmer Venetian blind is ideal for adding some shine to your space. The completely adjustable slats fit neatly and are simple to move to regulate the quantity of light that enters the space.

Inject some summer fun into your interior

The summer months are ideal for adding a lively and exciting element to your home's décor. If you want to do this, think about decorating your home with bold colours. To add a touch of fun, choose blinds with striking patterns or vibrant colours. Trendy hues like orange, lime green, or fuchsia may quickly improve the atmosphere and create a strong statement. These hues not only convey the summertime vigour but also foster a warm and inviting environment.

 Floresta Summer Yellow Vertical Blinds

For a subdued touch of nature that works wonderfully with any decor, a flowing leaf jacquard fabric combines a delicate design with a light pastel tint.

Botanical Blinds

A beautiful way to appreciate the months of growth and blossoming that are summer is to bring nature within. Botanical blinds with designs derived from flowers, leaves, and other natural components are a great option for establishing a light and welcoming ambience. These blinds provide every room with a sense of peace and tranquilly while also serving as a constant reminder of the beauty of nature. You may establish a healthy relationship between your house and the natural world by introducing botanical blinds into your interior design.

Interior design trends 2023

Interior design trends in 2023 are deeply intertwined with fashion and cultural movements. Blinds play a significant role in enhancing these trends and reflecting personal style. 

Wooden Blinds

Due to their warm and natural appearance, adaptability, durability and light control, wooden blinds have become a popular choice in 2023. They infuse the room with a sense of nature, fostering a cosy atmosphere and blending in with different interior design aesthetics. Wooden blinds are useful and practical since they can control light and offer seclusion. All things considered, wooden blinds are a classic and fashionable window treatment choice that appeals to contemporary homeowners who can take advantage of wooden blinds within our Summer Sale!


Perfect Fit Blinds

Due to their seamless integration, improved child and pet safety, adaptability, energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and privacy advantages, perfect-fit blinds are expected to grow more and more popular in 2023. These innovative blinds have a sleek, streamlined appearance and provide no danger since they fit tightly within the window frame. Perfect fit blinds are a convenient and fashionable window treatment choice that improves the appearance of space overall while providing comfort and peace of mind.

Perfect Fit Orange Apricot Venetian Blinds 25mm

As soon as you enter, this blind is certain to catch your attention. The Perfect Fit Orange Apricot blind will blend with white and orange hues to complete your room's design. The ideal option for any space, including bedrooms and kitchens.


By selecting blinds that align with the interior design trends of 2023, you can transform your space into a stylish haven that truly reflects your personality and embraces the spirit of the season. This summer is all about embracing vibrant colours, bold patterns, and botanical elements in your choice of blinds. Whether you opt for stunning roller blinds, funky patterns, or botanical designs, updating your window treatments can instantly inject a sense of freshness and style into your interior. So, go ahead and explore the vast world of blinds to find the perfect ones that will elevate your space and make it summer-ready!

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