What Are The Best Blinds For An Office?

Are you looking for inspiration for a home office blind? We have the perfect choices for you. A lot of home office sites tend to focus on furniture and décor. Most people often forget to touch on the key elements, such as window dressings, space, lighting.

As the winter months coming in, a blind that will allow as much light in as possible is a must-have! In any office space, light can make or break productivity. Below you will see our top 5 most common choice for office blinds and advice on why choosing the perfect office blind is essential.


Wooden Venetian Blinds

Dove white fine grain faux wooden blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are a fantastic choice for every room. They are exceptional at making any window space look more professional while offering you light and privacy control. We offer real-wood and faux-wood (the PVC range) blinds in a range of colours. You will not be stuck for choice when choosing one of our high quality made to measure wooden blinds. The blinds are guaranteed to enhance and provide a sleek, professional look.


isla lima gold vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are another perfect choice for any window space. It moves side to side means you don’t have to open them fully to open a window – you may not even have to move them at all! Vertical blinds are an excellent choice for a home office with patio doors. You can pop out for some fresh air without even having to move the blind, or you could even walk between the hanging louvre slats. Coming in a wide range of colours, you can be sure there will be something to suit the colour scheme. Whatever your choice preference is, it is easy to match any home décor with these stunning blinds.

Roller Blinds

Vienna Grama Green roller blind

Classic and timeless – roller blinds are a smart option for any window space. Roller blinds are a large strip of fabric on a rolling system that allows you to control where the blind sits. If you’re looking for a blind that lets in lots of light but helps keep the glares out, then voile and sheer roller blinds would do the trick. Alternatively, if you want to block out all of the light - blackout blinds are a perfect choice. They have an extra layer that helps block out the light coming through the fabric. The variety of colours and patterns also make it easy to match any home/office décor. A popular décor choice is to stick with neutral colours and add soft regal hues like emerald or ruby. Create that perfect finishing touch.


Roman Blinds

Our fabric made roman blinds are an exquisite, stylish choice for any window in the house from office to family room to bedrooms; you can be sure our roman blinds will not disappoint. The fabric drapes elegantly on top of itself when the blind is pulled up, creating a sophisticated and elegant look for home offices. We offer blackout lined fabrics; romans are ideal for video meetings where it is imperative to block out sun glares. All our blinds come in a wide range of colours, patterns and features to suit your décor and needs. For a more cosy natural look in a larger room, we have a range of different textures, patterns and linings for you to choose from, creating that warm office vibes.


In Summary

It is very important to have the right blind in your study/office. We have great solutions that will suit all your needs and desires. Whether you're looking for full light control that our venetians and vertical blinds can offer you or if you're looking for something to block out the light coming in - we've got it all. Choose one of our made to measure quality blinds to help make your office space feel more productive, and comfortable. 

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