What Are The Best Blackout Blinds?

Blackout blinds have become increasingly popular for the very reason that they’re excellent at keeping out light. When buying blinds for your home, there are many reasons for choosing a certain style. It can be that you’re adding depth and warmth to your room and it’s very much an aesthetic purchase in conjunction with functionality. Alternatively, you could be looking for a blind that has a sole purpose of keeping out light; such as a childs bedroom, for example. 

Either way, blackout blinds have become a staple feature in many homes, now that you now have a multitude of options!

Here’s our guide to selecting the best blackout blind for you:

Best Blackout Blinds by Type

There are various types of blackout blinds available. Each are a standard style you’re used to but have the added benefit of a special lining that is designed to stop any light passing through the blind fabric. 

We’ve put together a list of blinds that are suitable for blackout:

Roller Blackout Blind

Roller Blinds 

Probably the most obvious and well-recognised choice for blackout blinds. Roller blinds are a very popular option when it comes to blackout due to the nature of the blind itself. As there are no folds or gaps for light exposure it gives you the control to have complete darkness for rooms like bedrooms. With roller blinds you have a couple of options for fitting; recess and exact. Should you opt for exact, you’re more likely to completely block out any light, whereas recess fitted blinds tend to let a small fraction of light around the perimeter of the blind. 


Vertical Blackout Blind

Vertical Blinds

Often used to control light, vertical blinds can also be used for blackout purposes. Still one of the most popular styles of blinds, vertical blinds are versatile and are widely used in bedrooms, living rooms and are ideal for sliding doors. Because you may want vertical blinds in your bedroom, for example, some of our vertical blind range come with fabric with special blackout properties that will stop light passing through - making it ideal for a room with heavy exposure to sunlight.


Pleated Blackout Blind

Pleated Blinds

If you want a neatly fitted blackout blind then pleated may be the option for you. There are a multitude of factors for choosing a pleated blind including style, colour and energy efficiency - as cellular pleated blinds are effective at keeping your house warm during winter and cool during the summer. In addition to the above, you can also choose the option for blackout, giving you that added functionality should you want to keep light to a minimum. 


Day & Night Blackout Blind


Day & Night Blinds

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look and feel to your home, then Day & Night blinds are certainly an option to consider. Due to the two layers of fabric, you have excellent control over the levels of light you wish to expose your room to. Should you wish to block out light completely, the blackout option is certainly one to go for as the extra properties in the fabric will enable you to keep the room as dark as you wish. This type of blind has really become popular in recent years and is definitely an option when thinking about the best blackout blinds for your home. 

Blackout Blinds by Room 

There are various rooms in your home that you may want complete light control over. Below, we look at the options for blackout blinds per room type, so you can make an informed decision whether this is the right choice for your room. 


The most obvious choice when it comes to requiring blackout blinds. If any of your rooms are exposed to early morning sun in the peak of summer, you may have encountered the sun naturally affecting your sleeping pattern - which is even more prevalent for children’s rooms - so choosing blackout blinds for these rooms are an ideal option for bedrooms.


If you’re looking for more privacy in your bathroom then opting for blackout blinds may be the option for you. Because of the properties of a blackout blind, any light passing in and out of the room is kept to a minimum, giving you a greater deal of privacy.  Furthermore, our blackout range includes numerous options suitable for a bathroom such as waterproof and moisture resistant. 

Other Rooms

Aside from bedrooms and bathrooms, there are rooms in the home that may require that additional level of sunlight reduction. If you’re looking to transform your living room into a cinema room when watching movies, then blackout blinds are the perfect solution - alongside rooms such as studies and/or home offices. 

Which Material is Best?

There’s no material that makes a huge difference to the quality of your blind, it will be dependent on the style of blind you choose. For example, if you opt for PVC you’re likely to have a Roller or Vertical blind. Alternatively, if you go for Pleated blinds, your blind will be a honeycomb style. There are other blind materials suitable for blackout fabric such as velvet, textured and plain but all-in-all, there are numerous material that are best for blackout blinds. 

What features are available for Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds come in a range of features. If you're looking for something different, you could always opt for Flowers & Leaves, Geometric, Stripes, Electric, Checks & Dots and more. Not only do blackout blinds come in a range of styles, they’re also functional too. The range of blackout blinds available also include flame retardant, thermal, wipeable, moisture resistant - for things like Bathrooms and kitchens - and even 100-percent waterproof. 

In summary, there are a plethora of blackout blinds available and the best ones really depend on a range of factors specific to your needs, whether that be style or functionality. Why not browse through our collection of blackout blinds today and find what works best for. 

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