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The Best Floral Roller Blinds

As well as flowers, floral patterned blinds are inclusive of some of mother nature’s other wonderful offerings such as seed pods, leaves and foliage. These organic elements are the origin for the inspiration behind some of our best floral roller blind designs.

Fashionable Flora

If it’s still on trend for crockery, wallpaper and high street fashion labels to embrace floral designs, why wouldn’t floral roller blinds be a thing? 

History has showcased floral designs throughout the ages in a variety of formats. From amazing antiques to articulate artworks and encapsulating embroidery, flora has influenced trends and fashions worldwide. 

The likes of William Morris have found fame and fortune, thanks to his iconic floral designs. Flora is also synonymous with English country cottage interiors, giving it a heritage and vintage appeal. 

As well as its retro appeal, flora can just as easily be contemporary. This is largely due to the flexibility in its design and its ability to be personalised to individualistic tastes, plus the plethora of plant life there is to choose from.

Floral Roller Blind Colours

When it comes to the colour of floral roller blinds, there are really no rules. Nature itself supplies us with a plentiful palette of colours to that crossover, contrast and fill us with a feeling of freedom.  

So, whether you like the idea of a fun and funky roller blind that is full of vibrancy, or one that is monochromatic, they all offer up an air of natural authenticity, thanks to the floral patterns and designs upon them.

Floral Roller Blind Patterns

Working with flora has to be a designer's dream. Again there are no real rules or limits and the possibilities are endless. Patterns from flowers and leaves are used to create symmetry or repetition and can be realistic or abstract.  The one thing we can all agree on is that floral roller blind patterns are always eye-catching and often mesmerising. 

The Best Floral Roller Blinds at Blinds4You 

Invite the wonders of the outdoors indoors with a floral roller blind fit for purpose. Floral roller blinds can adapt to all kinds of interiors and decorating styles to bring a joyous nature to your home.

Wildflowers amongst the meadow. A combination of gentle colours and lines that are unforgettably inviting.

Eigg Twilight Floral Roller Blind

Abstract in appearance and charming in its colour contrast. The layout of these leaves will bring a relaxed and modern energy to any home.

Lauder Summer Floral Roller Blind

Dandelion pods drifting in the summer breeze. Although there is repetition in its design, it feels free from restraints creating a calming atmosphere.

Geneva Lust Red Floral Roller Blind

Stretching stems and flowers in bloom. Contrasting lines bring and elegant shading bring this realistic design to life.

Mykonos Dawn Pink Flora Roller Blind

Fallen in Love with Floral Blinds?

That’s okay, we have too. We love the energy and atmosphere floral roller blinds can bring to any environment, and hope you do too. From room to room in your home, you can add a touch of floral design through your blinds and capture the essence of nature and the outdoors, indoors. 

Visit our website to explore our full range of floral and patterned blinds and get in touch, should you have any questions or queries.

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