The Best Budget-Friendly Blinds 2022

Budget-friendly blinds can mean something different for everyone. While your first thought might be to find the overall cheapest product, it actually makes more financial sense to shop around for blinds that will last for years to come. Quality for price is the most important thing to consider when kitting out your home - so look to high-quality, durable, and stylish blinds.

Fortunately, quality and affordability comes easily here at Blinds4You. Here are our top 5 choices for budget-friendly blinds:

Affordable Roller Blinds

These classic and much-loved blinds are perfect for cosy spaces like a bedroom or lounge. A single panel of fabric, they roll down to provide complete darkness - and are even available in blackout material for that perfect night’s sleep. Even better, they’re available in a huge range of colours and patterns - so there’s no need to skimp on style.

Vienna Hint Pink Roller Blinds - From £8.10

Vienna Hint Pink Roller Blinds


Cheap Vertical Blinds

The vertical strips on these blinds are ideal when you’ve got multiple windows to cover, such as in an office space. They also work well on sliding patio doors, which are notoriously difficult to find blinds for. 

Families with young children would also benefit from vertical blinds fabrics; some are made from an easy-wipe fabric, they’ll be resistant to sticky fingers and dirt for many years to come.

Granada Beige Vertical Blinds - From £8.91

Granada Beige Vertical Blinds


Low-Cost Venetian Blinds

Made from aluminium, Venetian blinds are both functional and elegant. They’re one of the most affordable styles on the market and work perfectly in most rooms, especially kitchens and living areas such as a conservatory. 

Their light-filtering ability and overall versatility means you could even make them work in a different setting should you move house - which is perfect for staying on budget.

Oxford Blue Venetian Blinds - From £12.50

Oxford Blue Venetian Blinds


Economic Wooden Venetian Blinds

Usually, real wood Venetian blinds come at a pretty high cost, but that is not the case with Blinds4You it’s easy to get the same sophisticated look at a much more budget-friendly price. The practical design allows you to create a near-blackout effect when closed, while the open setting creates a warm and cosy glow in any room.

Zodiac Toffee Brown Wooden - From £14.25

Zodiac Toffee Brown Wooden Blinds

Bargain Roof Blinds

Suitable for Velux windows and other skylights, roof blinds give you complete privacy and light control. Their snug fit and blackout material allows you to easily transform your space from day to night, swapping radiant sunlight for sleep-friendly darkness. Roof blinds don’t endure the usual wear and tear that others blinds and curtains usually do, so represent a really worthwhile investment.

Velux Grey Roof Blind - From £18.94

B4U Grey Roof Blinds for VELUX ® Windows

Budget Friendly Blinds

When it comes to buying budget-friendly blinds, remember to shop for quality. Choose designs that you know will look great throughout the seasons, as well as styles that offer functionality alongside style.

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