Surprising Hacks to Keep your Kitchen Cool this Summer

Culinary Kings and Queens across the globe are met with the same magma-melting kitchen conditions each and every summer. Whilst you may try to work against the warmth by restricting yourselves to refreshing summer salads, limiting the preparation and time spent cooking in the kitchen, why is it almost impossible to keep your kitchen cool during the summer?

One option could be to transport your kitchen outdoors but we’ve seen how even the professionals in the Great British Bake-Off end up with soggy bottoms. 

Keeping your Cool in the Kitchen

Even away from the heat enhancing hob and oven, the kitchen is a red-hot hive of activity. Take the staple kitchen attire of aprons and oven gloves, for example, they do nothing to stop the suffocating heat! Nor do the whisking, kneading and chopping methods instructed by recipes help either.

Cooking in Kitchen

We’re aware that, for many, the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home and often a hub full of hustle and bustle. With cluttered countertops and a bulging dishwasher as distractions, along with the added pressure of cooking for more people than usual and staying on top of timings, there’s no wonder your brow is awash with sweat, even without the searing summer sunshine.

With the windows open and your partner already wafting you with a tea towel, how else can you keep your kitchen temperature to a minimum? With blinds, believe it or not.

Keeping your Kitchen Cool with Blinds

There are now a variety of blinds which can help you better regulate the temperature in your kitchen. Blackout blinds or reflective blinds, in particular, are effective heat deflectors.

Keeping your blinds closed during the day will reduce the amount of heat penetrating into your kitchen, making it a more reasonable temperature to operate in come dinnertime. 

    Kitchen Blinds

      Add a contemporary feel to your kitchen whilst keeping it cool in the summer months with something from our stunning selection of kitchen blinds.

      Pleated Blinds for Kitchens

      The great thing about pleated blinds is that they are super stylish and so simple to install. On top of that, the example below benefits from blackout and cellular technology to beat back the burning bright rays of sunshine. 

      How awesome does this Amalfi Blackout Pecan Brown Pleated Blind look in this stripped-back Scandinavian style kitchen? The soft tone of the brown contrasts the cool white walls whilst complementing the natural wood of the furniture.

      Three words to describe this kitchen would be: clean, calm and cool. Imagine cooking here throughout the summer months. Reassuringly refreshing. Browse the full range here.  

      Pecan Kitchen Blind

      Roller Blinds for Kitchens

      For a fabulous feature blind that doesn’t break the bank, choose one from our magnificent roller blind kitchen range

      A firm favourite of ours is this alluring example which combines design and functionality. The uplifting floral pattern of the Geneva Carmen Orange Roller Blind will no doubt bring joy to your kitchen, whilst the mix of warm tones on a white background opens it up for a combination of colour schemes. 

      Furthermore, roller blinds are ideal for kitchens as they are durable, robust and resilient. Plus, the made-to-measure fit eliminates the amount of light creeping through, keeping your kitchen as cool as the dandelion design!

      Floral Roller Blind Kitchen

      Vertical Blinds for Kitchens

      Vertical blinds celebrate straight lines and are an interior designer’s dream. If you have glass-panelled kitchen doors, you’ll be more than aware of the heat that is concentrated through in this area of your kitchen. 

      A simple solution to creating a cooler atmosphere in your kitchen is to install blackout vertical blinds like this Barcelona Rock Grey example below. 

      Stylish vertical blinds such as these will work in the most dramatic or minimalist of surroundings. Ideal for controlling light and privacy, the special blackout properties also combat strong incoming light.

      Grey Vertical Kitchen Blind 

      Take Control of your Kitchen

      By now, hopefully we’ve reduced your concerns about keeping your kitchen cool during the warmer months. A simple hack such as investing in a blackout blind may surprise you in its ability of creating a cooler environment in which to cook and entertain. 

      Plus, a new blind can really add an extra layer of atmosphere to your space and inspire you to be even more creative in the communal hub of the kitchen!

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