Pretty Patterned Blinds

Patterned blinds are a fabulous feature to add to your home. Injecting energy, character, and freshness in a matter of seconds! With a wide range of patterns to choose from, at Blinds4You, we have made it possible for you to find one that reflects your personality. 

From geometric to floral, there will be a style, pattern, and colour that will suit you and your interior, without a doubt. Let’s delve a little further into how patterns can introduce atmosphere into your home.

Patterned Roller Blinds

Patterned Roller Blinds are perfect if you fancy a change of style or to add a pop of personality to your window. Not only are they available in a wide range of colours and styles but are extremely practical and easy to maintain. All our patterned Roller blinds are made-to-measure and so easy to install - making them fit in seamlessly to your window, so all you need to worry about is what pattern you’re going to choose!

Green Patterned Blinds

Green Patterned blinds are a popular pick due to the wide variety of patterns and tones available, allowing them to tie in seamlessly with any colour scheme. Green patterned blinds will provide many benefits to your living area. Green is an excellent colour that will enrich the atmosphere as well as adding a calming effect that will be welcomed at the end of a long day. Additionally, green patterned blinds will allow you to elevate your home in a way that will give visitors an interior hug when they enter.

Panama Rumba Green Roller blind

Panama Rumba Green Roller blind highlights the light colours of green used, this tropical pattern is a perfect choice for any themed room.

Grey Patterned Blinds

Grey Patterned Blinds are excellent to add character and dimension to any room. Grey is a rich and minimalistic colour that fits in seamlessly to any interior adding a modern benefit to your home. Grey Patterned Roller blinds will add depth to your interior with a cosy atmosphere.

Jewel Zicron Grey

Jewel Zicron Grey is a horizontal striped Roller blind, and its blackout lining gives it the extra benefit of blocking out any unwanted sunlight.

Patterned Roller Blinds Bathroom

Geometric for your bathroom, allowing you to make the white walls pop. Patterns aren’t there to sit and look pretty, if your bathroom is small, it can add an illusion so it looks bigger, or you could add stripes for some dimension.

If you’re wanting some privacy whilst you’re trying to unwind from a hard day, patterned roller blinds will make your night more relaxing. Waterproof blinds don’t just stop water from damaging them, it increases the lifetime of the blind as well due to the protection from moisture, there’s a variety of waterproof blinds that can be Rollers, Venetians, and Wooden blinds you’re spoiled for choice.


Lauder Steel Grey


Lauder Steel Grey Roller blind has a modern patterned fabric that will not only dress your window, but it’s also practical for modern living and can withstand moisture from your bubble bath.

Patterned Roller Blinds for Kitchen

Add a botanical in your kitchen. flowers and leaves will inject freshness and an earthy calming feel to the busiest room in your home. Florals are immensely popular due to the wide range of designs and colours but also the change they make to a room is elegant and unmatched. 

Although your kitchen allows you to dish up delicious meals, it's also a place of mess, humidity and light so you need a blind that’s easy to clean and maintain but will also withstand these conditions which you can do with roller blinds that have some patterned pzazz.

Geneva Carmen
Geneva Carmen is an uplifting floral pattern that is guaranteed to bring joy to your home. Its mix of warm tones on a crisp white background allows this blind to coordinate with a number of colour schemes and interior styles.

Patterned Vertical Blinds

Patterned Vertical Blinds will complement any window. Vertical patterned blinds will inject style, privacy, and warmth into any home within seconds. Although you can introduce patterns, Vertical blinds make a massive change to a room. They can make your ceilings look taller with the correct pattern like stripes. Vertical patterned blinds can come in PVC for an easy wipe making maintaining them much easier.

Stockholm Fontana Black
Introduce a modern twist to your home with the Stockholm Fontana Black vertical blind. The light gold patterns add a luxurious touch to the blind.

Patterned blinds will always introduce an unmatched atmosphere to your home, with many designs and styles to choose from you can extend and elevate your interior and let your artistic side shine with funky shapes and lines, but also personalise your privacy and light control to your heart’s content.

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