Introducing Curtains

Blinds4You has branched out into curtains. After all, improving the look of your window space and enhancing your environment is what we do best.

Curtains can infuse style and sophistication into any room of your home. That’s why we’ve onboarded and carefully selected a curtain collection to be proud of. We’ve also added the option for blackout lining across the range, just for you.

All of our curtains are made-to-measure, available in a range of colours and styles (Eyelet & Pencil Pleat) with further options to select your choice of ringlet, blackout thermal lining, pairs or even individual curtains. 

Made-to-Measure Curtains

Offering made-to-measure curtains was a must for us. We’re well aware of how unique and individual a window space can be and standardised curtain sizes just don’t cut it. So, in order to give you the product you desire, we’ve made it possible to order curtains with a 300mm - 6000mm width and 300mm - 3,400mm drop. 

All you have to do is measure up and supply us with the details online and we’ll do the rest! We’ve even developed a helpful curtains measuring guide to assist you. 

Don’t sweat when it comes to the install either because this curtains fitting guide will take you through each stage, step by step. 

Types of Curtains

The type of curtain you choose can impact your interior in a variety of ways, so it’s worthwhile considering your options before purchasing.

Curtains can soften an environment. Plush fabrics add a texture and the folds demonstrate a fluidity through curved lines. They can also help to regulate light and temperature in your space. Not to mention the contrast or pop of colour they can provide, giving a room a real wow-factor. 

The two most popular styles of curtains are eyelet curtains and pencil pleat curtains, both of which are options at Blinds4You. 

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are easily identifiable, thanks to the rings (eyelets) sewn directly into the material. This allows for the curtain rail to run directly through the top of the curtain itself. The curtains are then slid onto the pole in a concertina fashion, creating deep pleats from top to bottom which are aesthetically pleasing. 

Take a look at our top-pick eyelet curtains…

Brilliant Aqua Curtains

It’s not often you see curtains in a bathroom, but with the right decor and placement, you can see how curtains can create a relaxing atmosphere. If you choose an aqua blue too, it further amplifies the relaxation and clean element you may be looking for. 

Choose the free blackout thermal lining to help to increase privacy, decrease light penetration and prevent heat loss.

Aqua Curtains

Brilliant Silver Curtains

Thanks to blackout lining, curtains can now be purchased in lighter colours and still block out the light. Perfect for a home office, bedroom, games or entertainment room. 

Here, these silver curtains complement the bright and contemporary interior, but they can be drawn to block out light should the glare on your computer screen become intrusive. 

Silver Curtains

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are given the name because of the intricate cylindrical folds at the header of the curtain. The fabric is tightly gathered and resembles a row of pencils. This creates a different visual appeal to eyelet curtains, as the fabric hangs freely in a less orderly format than eyelet curtains.  

Furthermore, pencil pleat curtains can be hung from either curtain pole or curtain tracks. Depending on your preference or what’s originally there, pencil pleat curtains give you the option for either.

Magnificent White Curtains

Supercharge your interior design with a clean and bright pair of white pencil pleat curtains. Curtains such as these make a real style statement and give your room an elegant appeal. 

The use of house plants and other decorative items to dress your window will contrast wonderfully against the white backdrop of the curtain.

White Curtains

Glide Charcoal Black Curtains

Black curtains can help with balance in a room. In this example, the black curtains contrast the white walls and decor to help create a cosier feel for dining. 

The charcoal hue makes the curtains appear less opaque and more inviting than a harsh jet black. Imagine what you could do to a room in your home with the addition of a stylish black curtain.

Charcoal Black Curtains

Curtains 4 You

Similar to how we have with our blinds, we aim to bring you the same quality and service with our curtains offering. We aim to give you flexibility in size, preference and free samples to help you decide on the perfect curtain colour, look and feel before you buy! Plus, our competitive pricing makes our curtains affordable without cutting back on quality.

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