How to Choose Blind Colours

One of the most challenging, yet enjoyable, choices you’ll make while looking for window blinds is picking the perfect colour. 

Should you play it safe and choose a neutral option or be bold and opt for something with patterns? Part of your decision will be based on your current interior and part should reflect your personality, either way, we’re here to help. 

Choose White Blinds for Light & Contemporary

White blinds are a good option if you want the utmost simplicity in window coverings. White signifies cleanliness and elegance which is ideal for a modern, Scandinavian look. Meanwhile, the colour white is also minimalist, helping to create a calm and pure atmosphere in any environment. A white blind can also work as a blank canvas, contrasting other styles and moods in your chosen space.

   Cheshire Pure White Day & Night Blinds

Sleek and modern - the Cheshire Pure White blind is a strong and sturdy fabric blind that will enhance any window space. This bright white will dramatically open up your space making it feel brighter and roomier. The luxury strips of fine voile allow plenty of light to come through too.

Matt White Venetian Blinds 25mm

The Matt White Venetian blind is a timeless colour.  The natural colour blends flawlessly with any decor and is a perfect base for bold colours.

Vienna Frost White Roller Blinds

Vienna Frost White roller blinds are a beautiful, fresh & crisp white colour which helps to bring. Add a modern feel when window dressing with white and neutral blinds.

Choose Blinds to Match your Décor Style & Taste

Understanding what you’re wanting to bring to your home is the most important part of it all. Every colour brings something different, and they all need to be paired and styled differently to make a statement within your home.

Pattern blind

Why Choose Blue Blinds

Blue is a diverse primary colour and can be found in hues ranging from traditional and modern to a vibrant and radiant shade, it may be used in any room or interior design. Blue has become one of the most popular colours for bedroom blinds as the colour is mostly identified with rest and night which will allow a calming atmosphere for your interior. 

Why Choose Red Blinds

It's crucial to consider the overall colour scheme of the room when it comes to selecting the appropriate shade for your blind. A bolder red might be best depending on the aesthetic you’re wanting to achieve whereas a softer red might work better in a minimalistic decorated room. Red is a striking shade, and it can contrast beautifully with the white tiles in your bathroom or kitchen to allow a focal point in a room that’s usually played safe. 

Why Choose Neutral Blinds

An excellent way to balance and harmonise the mood of a room is to use neutral blinds for your window design. Decorating using neutrals is a dependable option as they complement contemporary environments beautifully. Naturally, neutrals are a fantastic choice for traditional styles, particularly when teamed with patterns, plush fabrics, and dark wood furniture. 

Choose Bold Coloured Blinds & Make a Statement

Being bold with your interior choices will surely make your home stand out from the rest whilst also shining through your personality in your decorative choices. 

Red Vertical

Colours that will change your interior

For the brave and brilliant, use yellow blinds to add brightness to your house and make a bold statement as yellow is linked with happiness and summer it will feel like a warm hug all year round. Yellow will indent a statement within your home with its unique tone and when added with textures it will create an unmatched ambience for your interior. 

Orange is a transitional colour that works well in both summer and fall-themed décor. It radiates passion and joy that blends the energising properties of red with an upbeat yellow that creates a lively and happy colour and is advantageous when used in interior design. Orange blinds can inspire enthusiasm and comfort that will undoubtedly breathe new life into your home. 

Purple blinds could help you emphasise a modern or minimalist home. Purple blinds can also be used to create a beautiful opulent impact in the living room or bedroom. Purple is frequently linked with royalty, nobility, strength, and aspiration and if chosen in the correct shade you will create the utmost perfect atmosphere for your home. 

Choose Bright Coloured Blinds for a Focal Point

If you want your home to be cosier and unique, think about the countless colours and patterns that are on offer. Adding patterns and bright colours to your windows will introduce a focal point. Base the decisions on your room, way of life, and aesthetic but be sure to leave some leeway for seasonal updates throughout the year. 

The best way to give your house a subtle splash of colour is with pastel hues. They are renowned for bringing a sense of serenity and relaxation to a space making them an ideal choice for establishing a focal point throughout summer. Light blue, mild green, and powder pink all look stunning with natural décor. Blinds4you has a lovely selection of pastels to give that feminine touch just in time for summer.


Frosty blues can offer a delicate focal point to your home and serve as the colour for your winter décor. You will also need the final jigsaw piece to finish this aesthetic off which could be a pairing with dark grey and the frosty with a dash of white. 

Introduce stripes to break up the monotony and add comfort with a plush rug and soft cushion to soften the edges of the colour combinations. 

Choose Patterned Blinds for Something Different

To add interest or a pop of colour, pattern blinds are more frequently used in living rooms and bedrooms, However, pattern blinds are considerably more adaptable than this and may tie into any décor. Pattern blinds may match any style or personality, from bright animal print that will give a focal point to a soft floral that will compliment any interior. 

Polka dots add a dash of colour without being overpowering, making them perfect for a kitchen or nursery. Summer or winter, they will provide a cosy ambience. Create a focal point with a fresh white base and splashes of rainbow polka dots to liven up the atmosphere.

 Wild dreams multi Roller Blinds

Wild Dreams multi Roller Blinds offers maximum privacy with a chic, printed roller blind, which also filters light without entirely darkening the space.

A place can be infused with vigour or become a relaxed retreat by using the adaptation and diversified pattern of stripes. For your home office, living room, or bedroom striped pattern blinds can uplift and inspire.

York Swing Blue Roller Blinds

Treat your windows to the sophisticated striped York Swing Blue roller blind. Showcasing beautiful vertical stripes in a nautical colour palette.

Floral blinds go well with any type of interior design, whether it is natural colours and realistic patterns for a traditional look or bold and abstract furnishings. Floral designs can add colour to any room, creating an airy, light mood that allows a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.

Brighton Geisha Roller Blinds

Capture contemporary style with this Brighton Geisha roller blind. Coordinating with a variety of decor styles, this roller blind offers elegance and versatility.

Modern homes will benefit from geometric patterns. White walls and sharp angular features may make a dramatic statement to your home. Choose triangles, circles, or squares to offer a splash of colour and dimension to your room of choice.

 Perfect Fit Berlin Noir Black Pleated Blinds

Brighten up your room with the Perfect Fit Berlin Noir Blind. This trending geometric design will create a modern vibe in your home.

There we have it, colour and patterns can bring so many different atmospheres, benefits, and personalities to your home. If you’re still not too sure what to go for or are stuck between many of our fabrics, order a free sample or a few so you can see it in your home before you commit to it.


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