Grey Blinds- Why Should I Choose Them?

When it comes to blinds, there’s a plethora to choose from. Ultimately you have two options; whether to decorate your room with a neutral feel, or go for vibrant colours. Grey blinds are a great choice if you’re looking for that contemporary, neutral look. 

Here’s some reasons why you should choose a grey blind:

Grey Blinds - A Great Alternative to White

White blinds are often the go-to blind for a minimalistic and contemporary look. However, we’ve seen a rise in grey blinds in recent years - and we can see why. They work extremely well in any room no matter the blind type you wish to choose. 

Grey blinds - an alternative to white

The popularity of grey UPVC windows means that grey blinds work really well with this feature - if you want to keep things matching. We’ve also seen a lot of people go for wooden blinds with tapes. Tapes are a good choice for both style and functionality; styling in a similar look to shutters without the added cost and for functionality, tapes stop light passing through the whole in the blinds where the cords sit.

Let Your Colours Shine -  Grey vs White Venetian

For the same reason that white blinds are chosen to let the vibrant colours shine through, grey blinds work in a very similar fashion. If you are drawn towards vibrant colours but want to keep an element of simplicity across your window then grey blinds can really compliment your room colour.

Whether that be a zesty lime, cool blue or sunbrite orange, grey works with any colour scheme or room type. Whether you’re refreshing your lounge, redecorating your bedroom or remodelling your kitchen, if you choose to go for a strong accent colour then grey blinds will compliment them well. 

Patterns or Plain?

Whilst grey is a neutral colour, you do have options to make it more ‘fun’ when it comes to choosing a grey fabric blind. For example, Roller and Vertical blinds do have the ability to add a texture or pattern to the blind, meaning they don’t always have to be plain. There’s the potential to have stripes, zig-zags, floral patterns and much more. Furthermore, when it comes to wooden blinds, you have the option to choose between real and faux wood blinds, as well as if you like the fine grain look or to just go for the smooth finish - the choice really is yours!

Different Styles of Grey Blinds

There are many different types of blind options when it comes to choosing a grey blind. Depending on the size/style of your window will probably determine which blind type you should go for.

Here’s some ideas of grey blinds that you could match to a window:

Grey Roller Blinds:

Grey Roller Blind

If you’re looking for a full window covering with a bit of pattern or characteristic, then grey roller blinds are a great option. Ideal for the bedroom, study and more to block out light. The zig-zag roller blind above is a great example of use in an office space that will add a touch of personality or character to your room. 

Grey Vertical Blinds:

Grey Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great for window / door coverings that are particularly long/tall. Patio doors, bi-fold doors and other larger areas require a different approach, not only because of the height of the window, but also because of the functionality needed. You may want to bunch the blinds to the left, right or centre and this is why a grey vertical blind may be the best option for rooms such as the kitchen.

Grey Wooden Blinds:

Grey Wooden Blinds

Eclipse Fine Grain Gallant Grey Wooden Blinds

The more contemporary look for a room would be a grey wooden blind. Whether that’s real or faux, there’s plenty of options available to elevate and add sophistication your room. Additionally, you can opt for a bit of texture on you wooden blind, as shown above which incorporates a fine grain to give it a more authentic look. 

Grey Venetian Blinds:

Grey Venetian Blinds

The final option we’re showcasing is the grey venetian blind. Like wooden, venetian blinds give you great light control via the tilt mechanism or the pull cord to let more or less light in. Not only that, they are aluminium based meaning they are easy to clean with a damp cloth to retain the colour from the day you install them. 

In Summary

Now you’ve got all the information you need, we’re hoping you’re able to consider the potential options of what a grey blind can bring to your home. For the full collection from our range which include Day & Night and Pleated in addition to the above, please visit our grey blinds collection today.
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