Electric Roller Blinds

Electric blinds are especially great for hard-to-reach windows as it means you can control them with a push of a button. Perfect for every home, electric blinds are a great conversation starter and ideal for Smart Homes. As well as that, they’re perfect for children’s bedrooms as you can avoid cords and chains altogether.


What are electric blinds?

Electric blinds are blinds that are motorised and are controlled by a remote or app. We insert a Somfy motor inside the tube of a roller blind which allows it to control the blinds’ movement. This is operated with a rechargeable battery that doesn’t need to be plugged into the mains, making it very easy to put up anywhere in the house. You don’t need to worry about wires getting in the way or showing on the side, which can be ugly to see.

Our electric roller blinds come with the motor, the rechargeable battery, the remote and the charger for every order. You will always get a complete set for every blind you order with us. Don’t want to use a remote? You can download the Somfy app and connect your blind to it; this allows you to control them remotely whenever you want.


How much do electric roller blinds cost?

The cost for them depends on the size of your window and whether you want this to be a blackout blind or not. We currently offer three ranges, Barcelona, Orlando, and Vienna, with different prices.

We’ve priced our electric blinds based on a standard bedroom window measured at 915x1219mm.


vienna butter cream electric roller blind price


Our Vienna Butter Cream Electric Roller blind currently has a starting price of £63.70. Perfect for those who want some privacy but like lots of light coming in. This would cost you £168.33.


orlando cosmic grey electric roller blind


Our Orlando Cosmic Grey Electric Roller Blinds lets in lots of light and is made of sheer fabric for those looking for that particular kind of fabric. This would cost you £168.33.


barcelona sonar grey electric roller blind


Our Barcelona Sonar Grey Electric Roller blind is a thick blackout fabric that helps block out as much light as possible. This is our most expensive range and would cost you £171.81.


Are they difficult to measure and fit?

Electric roller blinds are not difficult to measure at all! We have a handy measuring guide for them precisely where it breaks down every step to measure for them. In short, you always want to make sure you measure in three places as no window is perfectly uniform, and you want to take the smallest measurement if it is inside the recess. The motor is inside the tube and doesn’t affect how you measure the blinds, which keeps things simple.

You can take a look at our measuring guide here.


Fitting an electric roller blind is the same principle as fitting a standard blind. We recommend charging your battery for about two and a half hours (or until the LED light on the charger turns green) before putting it up on the wall. When you’re ready to fit the blinds, decide how you want them to fit, our brackets are universal that give you the options to fit them as Top fixing, Face fixing and Side fixing. Follow the rest of the guide to make sure it fits in place of the brackets and start customising your remote to your needs. Our handy fitting guide shows you how to set it up and use the remote control moving forward.

You can take a look at our fitting guide here.



So there you have it! A breakdown of our electric roller blinds, including the cost, the measuring and fitting as well as a quick explanation of what they are. They are the perfect addition to every home, and they come with a five-year guarantee, as do all of our blinds. You won't need to worry about your motor giving up on you for a good while with us.

You can find our electric blinds section here.


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