Blinds for the Office

The office should be a place where you’re productive and focused. Important meetings and busy schedules should not be interrupted by unwanted light penetration or lack of privacy.

Why not design the office to be a place of comfort and productivity where people can feel ready to tackle the day? Blinds for the office are important for light control, privacy and being a stylish addition to your windows.

How are you going to dress your windows to achieve the wanted atmosphere you need in the office?

Office window blinds

Whether you’re looking for blinds in your home or work office, at Blinds4you we offer a wide range of styles and fabrics perfect for this setting. When picking blinds for the office keep in mind important aspects such as light control, screen glare and privacy. Allowing you to be as productive as possible. Discover our most popular options for office window blinds. 

Blackout Roller Blinds for Office

A classic! Blackout Roller blinds have many functionalities, they may be a popular bedroom choice but what about in the office? Let’s say you’re doing a presentation, don’t get distracted by unwanted glare with blackout Roller blinds. They will reduce light exposure and let you concentrate on presenting to your boss.

Barcelona Bullet Grey Roller Blinds

Barcelona Bullet Grey Blackout roller blind is a dim out medium grey coloured fabric, which is also suitable for moist conditions. Grey is modern and sophisticated, enabling it to blend into today's décor. This roller blind features fabric with special blackout properties that will stop light passing through the material making it ideal for office presentations. 

Office Vertical Blinds

The perfect and most common office blinds are Vertical blinds due to their adjustable louvers which allow light to filter in or out to your preference. They provide control over how much privacy you require to suit any occasion. Perfect for important meetings, presentations, or when you're looking for some extra privacy just adjust the slats.


Raasay Fern Green Vertical Blinds


Bring a pop of colour into your home with the Raasay Fern Green vertical blind. This shade of green resembles a calm and relaxing environment whilst still looking stylish at the same time. Its soft texture also brings more character into your home without being overdramatic.

Office Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds have slats that can either be real or faux wood depending on your needs. They are held together by cords that raise and lower the blind and have adjustable slats to control the light and your wanted privacy. If you are in an important meeting this will help you shut off from the rest of the world allowing extra focus on the topic at hand.

Office Wooden blinds can have added decorative tapes that can spruce up the office environment making it more aesthetically pleasing. Choose from a selection of tape colours to suit your office interior giving a homely feeling and help your employees feel at ease.

Dark Wood Brown Wooden Blinds 50mm With Tapes

Our Dark Wood Brown real wooden blind would fit perfectly in a sophisticated darker theme or as a focal point within a lighter colour scheme. The jet black tapes compliments the wood slats beautifully.

Commercial Office Blinds

Looking for blinds in a commercial office, no problem! We offer a range of products which are available in larger widths to suit Larger windows in the office. If you want your windows to stand out from other businesses and have a professional and clean atmosphere, we have a selection of options perfect for larger and wider windows.

Office Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a simpler design compared to other styles and they are the most common as they come in multiple colours, fabrics, and patterns which allows you to add your own individualised touch to the office. A great commercial office blind, Roller blinds are offered in a range of wide width fabric making them perfect for larger office windows but not compromising on professional style.

Capture Contemporary Style with this Eilen Ivory roller blind. Offering subtle elegance, this roller blind showcases a delicate white leaf print. Simple yet sophisticated, the Eilen Ivory roller blind is extremely versatile and will sit well with a variety of colour schemes and interior styles. Perfect for larger windows as these blinds are available up to 3.5m wide.

Office Electric Blinds

Modern and practical! Electric blinds are fabulous, these blinds are fully automated, and with just the push of a button, they will do what you need. WOW your clients with full automatic control over raising and lowering your blinds, with a touch of a button on our modern remote control. 

Electric blinds allow you to set your desired stop heights, meaning you do not need to mess about every time to set your desired height being practical and very efficient. Our wire-free rechargeable B4Y motor means no wiring to contend with and no expensive fitters needed.

Vienna Hessian Brown Electric Roller Blinds
Create a professional atmosphere with this Vienna Hessian Brown Electric roller blind. Creating a warm and welcoming space this blind features vertical stripes in warm brown tones.


An office should be decorated to help you feel comfortable and know you can work without being distracted by the outside world. Using the above suggestions you are sure to find the blind which is both functional and stylish for your office environment. The recommendations above will ensure complete comfort and privacy for your office and make tackling daily tasks easier. Learn more about this range by visiting of products.

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