Black or Orange Blinds?

It’s Halloween but this isn’t a trick or treat kind of question. Both black and orange blinds withhold bountiful amounts of beauty and appeal and can enhance the aesthetic in any environment.

The only fright you may get from these blinds are the affordability and it’s scary how good the right type of blind can look in the right sort of window space.

Orange Blinds

Orange blinds are an obvious choice when it comes to adding a pop of colour to brighten up your window space. You may associate the colour orange with exuberance and liveliness and orange blinds can really help accentuate the energy and atmosphere in your home. On top of that, darker tones of orange can add real depth and create a cosy and warm environment to relax in.

Orange Roller Blinds

Orange roller blinds are largely desirable because of the colour variation and shades of orange available. In addition, due to their ease of use and affordable price point, they are a must-have for any homeowner.

Barcelona Tango Orange Roller Blinds

Orange Venetian Blinds

Orange Venetian blinds offer an alternative look and feel to your window space. Available in an array of colour tones ranging from burnt orange to sumptuous peach orange, orange venetian blinds are a popular choice for any home.

Perfect Fit Orange Apricot Venetian Blinds

Orange Perfect-Fit Pleated Blinds

Orange perfect-fit pleated blinds are a great way of heightening the warmth in your home. Not only does the colour orange bring a shimmer of summer but the technology within pleated blinds traps heat to better regulate the temperature in your home.

Perfect Fit Amalfi Orange Pleated Blinds

Black Blinds

Black blinds, in the right setting, are considered to be one of the most stylish interior design choices you can make. Not only do they provide a great contrast against your walls and surrounding furnishings, but they provide a great backdrop for an intimate and private setting like the bathroom or bedroom. Make it a black blackout blind and take even more control over the light penetrating your space.

Black Vertical Blinds

Black Venetian blinds have to be the epitome of elegance. Sleek slats that stretch from top to bottom which can be angled to increase light flow and drawn close to give your space a completely different appeal.

Naples Pitch Black Vertical Blinds

Black Roof Blinds

Black roof blinds for Velux windows will anchor your room’s decor and provide focal points higher up. Moreover, they’ll definitely bring an element of cool and contemporary to a space.

B4U Black Roof Blinds for VELUX ® Windows

Black Wooden Blinds

Black wooden blinds are a strong window blind choice for any environment. There’s something very understated and sophisticated about sleek black slats with a wooden grain texture.

Bruges Smoke Black Wooden Blinds 50mm

Black and orange blinds for a Halloween theme but which one gets your vote? Each blind we’ve showcased above has its own appeal. The good news for you is that you can order free samples to help make the decision for you. Just visit our website and add a free sample to your basket!


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