Beige Colour Focus

The colour beige has been around and used for longer than we can remember. It is an extremely versatile and elegant colour, you can be sure beige will be a great colour addition to any home interior, below are some helpful tips / colours that you may like to combine with the colour beige.

When it comes to choosing a colour as flexible as beige, it can be pretty tricky; with a great choice of tones, hues, and shades, any colour on the chart can be enhanced from this plain yet elegant colour. From neon colours to cool shades of grey/white, you can be sure they’ll all fit in perfectly with support from the colour beige. 


diana ivory white roller blind



Historically, ivory has been used in classic and traditional based interiors, especially as a base colour on walls, blinds and curtains. When the sun hits the blinds, it creates a warm and cosy feeling in the room – bringing a feeling of comfort to your room.

With ivory being closely related to the colour yellow, this may make you want to add a yellow colour into the interior to support the ivory colour in the room, don’t hesitate to combine ivory and yellow colours– they’re a great match, even something as little as a cushion cover to a patterned yellow blind. Ivory is a great base colour; it allows you to choose even more bold colours, including navy blue or maroon colours—a perfect colour choice for any room. 




The cream colour is a stunning versatile shade that helps bring a modern and sophisticated touch to your room. The contrast between dark shades and dark wood paired with a soft cream creates a perfect harmony in interior design. Perfect to match with dark wooden furniture and picture frames. You can paint your walls a soft cream and match it with a dark patterned blind.

Bright and bold colours can easily match with cream blinds and create a different look for your room. These blinds are ideal for every room and are a perfect choice.


cara stone roller blind



A popular choice of colour for blinds, the stone is a rich shade of beige that effortlessly fits traditional and rustic style homes. The stone colour is most definitely on the bolder edge of the beige colour chart; it can be used as a toner or the dominant colour – both equally stylish.

The best colours to pair stone with would be white, rich wood, and even lighter cream shades. If you’re looking for blinds to compare to a stone colour, an oak or walnut colour blind is one of the most recommended matches, ranging from wood venetians to simple roller blinds – there is a choice for you. 


Interested in natural colours?

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