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Bedroom Blinds

There are so many suitable blinds to choose from for bedrooms, but these options are simply unmatched. When choosing a blind for any room, it’s crucial to think about how practical they are as well as how stunning they look. Are you looking for something easy to maintain? Are you a light sleeper and want something that will help? It is easy to forget that blinds can play a big part in our day-to-day life.


barcelona brittany blue roller blinds

Roller blinds

One of the many benefits of roller blinds is how low maintenance they are; all you have to do is roll the blinds down and vacuum the fabric gently every once in a while or dust it with a soft cloth. You can choose from a vast choice of designs and colours to suit any interior décor you have. Blackout lining is offered, making it a perfect option for the bedroom; this helps promote a good nights sleep that can only be interrupted by the alarm in the morning. Another benefit is that it ensures you have complete privacy where it’s most needed.
Rollers can be controlled using child-safe chains, or you can eliminate the use of chains by opting for an electric roller blind option or a perfect fit frame.


gloss white wooden blinds 50mm with tapes

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are a fantastic choice in the bedroom as they bring style and warmth to your windows. They are operated using a child-safe chain which makes it easy. We offer many shades and colours of wooden blinds to match any décor. You can opt for tapes that match with the blinds as well. We would recommend getting wooden blinds with tapes that will further help block out the light during the day, and it adds an extra decorative touch to your blinds.

lincolnshire dimout grey day and night blinds blackout

Day & Night blinds

Day & Night blinds are a great choice if you love the blackout feature of roller blinds and want to control how much light comes through during the day. Day & Night blinds have two layers of striped fabric; as you roll, you can choose to have it entirely blocked or into the striped position and finally, you can have it fully rolled up. This versatility offers you many choices in how much light or privacy you desire. Day & Night blinds can be controlled using chains similar to rollers, or they can be motorised and let you control them using a remote control. We offer a great range of fabrics to choose from, and you can choose between one colour stripe or three colour stripes to match your décor.

Romans blinds

Roman blinds are the best parts of both blinds and curtains. They are easy to operate using child-safe chains and are easier to maintain than curtains. However, since it is made using the same fabric as curtains, that helps keep the heat in the room and give a cosy atmosphere. Curtains can effortlessly match our Roman blinds, offering you a complete look that brings elegance and comfort to the highest standard.

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