A Guide to Dream Kitchen Blinds

Kitchen blinds can be a difficult choice. As it’s a busy area of your home, they need to be practical and personal to your taste, so making the correct decision is important. 

You may have just designed your dream kitchen and the blinds you choose for your kitchen window could make all the difference.

Kitchen Window Blinds

A quick and easy way to upgrade your kitchen is with a contemporary blind. Kitchen window blinds come in an array of styles, colours, and patterns. Yet it’s also worth considering fabrics that will stand-up to potential grease, oil splatters, moisture and heat.

Kitchen Blind Ideas

Firstly, choosing the right material is very important, you need to consider; colour, style, look/feel and personal taste, these are important when you're dressing your windows as you want them to be personalised to you and your home interior.

On the other hand, if you don’t do a lot of cooking or the meals don’t have a lot of sauce included you can go with fabric kitchen blinds such as a Roller or Roman blind that will bring character to your kitchen.

Blinds for Kitchen Windows Over a Sink

The perfect length, we don’t want your blind soaking up any water or being stained by fairy liquid, so you will need to be careful with your measurements. If you don’t know where to start, we have a step-by-step guide for this.

Day and Night blinds, the ultimate light control blind. If you have a lot of glare coming from the sun through your window and distracting you when cooking, it’s dangerous. Day and Night have two pieces of fabric that can sit on top of one another so this kitchen blind can allow light in or can sit below one another dismissing the light, whilst not making the room pitch black.

Oxford Mocca Brown
Oxford Mocca Brown is the perfect colour to add class and warmth to the kitchen but is also a unique colour that not everyone will dress their windows with, so your kitchen will stand out from others.

Electric Roller blinds are perfect if you’re busy washing the dishes or can’t leave the cookers or dinners ruined. Automated kitchen blinds will allow you to keep doing what you’re doing, don’t leave your station as you can press a button and your blinds will move to your desired height. Since you don’t need to be beside the blind it is a practical option for your kitchen, making your life much easier!

Barcelona Beige Electric blackout roller blind is powered by a wire-free, rechargeable motor and operated using a sleek remote control that takes 100% of the effort out of using this blind. Wire-free also means no fiddly electrics to contend with too, so installation is simple.

Barcelona Beige Electric Roller Blinds

So choose wisely. If you do cook a lot of the time and are known for making a mess we recommend going with a PVC material for your kitchen blind. Perfect for kitchens due to its plastic coating and waterproof features this material is so easy to clean and a divine addition to any kitchen.

Kitchen Roller Blinds

Other than measurements let’s think about how we are going to make the window a focal point. Roller blinds are an affordable choice for your window that will look amazing inside and out. Offered in a variety of colours and patterns you have an endless selection to choose from. Have you ever thought about adding a pattern? It can be scary we know but at Blinds4You we have you covered with an extensive range of fabrics from subtle to eye-catching! 

 Kitchen Roller Blinds Patterned

The popular patterns would be a traditional stripe or floral, having these in darker shades if you’re wanting a modern aesthetic but also something that will fit in with the interior design you already have!

Stripes are a versatile and diverse pattern, which will be a kitchen blind that brings energy to the room or even a laid-back atmosphere depending on the colour you want to go with.

 York Passo Grey Roller Blind

Refresh your interiors with this York Passo Grey Roller Blind. Whether you are looking for a blind to enhance and add character to your kitchen or looking for practicality, 100% moisture-proof, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Floral is fabulous for a modern atmosphere that will create an impact within your home interior, so make sure you’re picking the correct colour and making this the main point within the room for everyone to enjoy.

 Mull Graphite Grey Roller Blinds

Capture natural beauty with this Mull Graphite Grey Roller BlindControl the light, improve thermal efficiency, and get the privacy you need when cooking. Along with these practical advantages, it also looks incredibly sleek and smart.

Best Blinds for Kitchen

If you’re still unsure on what blind style would be best for the kitchen, we will help narrow this down to three styles that we recommend getting and that can bring the kitchen together.

Kitchen Perfect Fit Blinds

If you’re looking for a chicer and aesthetically pleasing blind, then Perfect Fit design provides a refreshing atmosphere to your kitchen. Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds are the ideal option for patio doors since they are practical and fit in neatly to any window frame.

The most amazing thing about this style is there is no drilling or screwing needed for the fitting. The child safety feature is next level, due to there being no hanging cords for someone to hurt themselves on.

Perfect Fit Adriatic Mulberry Pleated Blinds

Perfect Fit Pleats like Adriatic Mulberry are also known for how chic and modern they look but also the dramatic change they bring to any room is outstanding.

Kitchen Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds, they are easy enough to clean and wipe down if anything gets on then whilst you’re cooking up a storm. The best blind for the larger and wider windows in your kitchen. If you have an annoying glare peering in, you can tilt the blinds to stop it coming through but still being able to see the outside world.

Wanting to add a pop of colour? Verticals come in a wide range from black to pink, we will most likely have the colour you’re looking for allowing you to add a personalised touch to your kitchen.

Vienna Vine Green Vertical Blind

Vienna Vine Green will look beautiful in the kitchen. If you are planning to keep things simple at your window to be able to accessorise within your kitchen, then this is the blind for you. Our Vertical blinds offer complete control over light and privacy.

Kitchen Roman Blinds

Don’t do as much cooking? Roman blinds are for you. They will add a billionaire feel to the room but will make the window a focal point. Known for their timeless look due to the unique folds make the blinds flexible to any atmosphere. Roman blinds with a darker fabric can add class and warmth to the kitchen.

Roman blinds are great for blocking out the light and giving you maximum privacy whilst you’re trying to concentrate on cooking. So, this will allow you to decide how much light you want in and stop nosey people from peering in.


Glide Cream Roman Blinds

Roman blind is perfect for adding ultimate privacy to your happy place. Glide Cream tones well with a range of different interior schemes, this roman blind offers classic elegance with a modern twist.


After absorbing all of the above, it's time for you to sit down and go through your options but don’t just go for something because you think it’s a safer option, allow your personality to shine through with the choice of your blind. Remember as first mentioned the kitchen doesn’t need to be the gloom of rooms it can sparkle with glam and style.

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