5 Cheap Blinds That Don't Compromise on Quality

Are you looking for new cheap blinds but have been quoted high prices or afraid you might need to settle for something you don’t love? At Blinds4You we offer a wide range of prices no matter the fabric or style. We have a price for every budget, if you are wanting a more affordable option for your dream window covering look no further.

Cheap Window Blinds

If you’re thinking you need to splash out for expensive blinds, well you don’t. At Blinds4You we have many cheap blinds in different styles, fabrics, and colours to suit everyone’s needs. We don’t overpriced blinds as we want everyone to have fabulous and chic looking windows. 

Here are some cheap blind styles that you may have thought were too expensive at an affordable price!

Cheap Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are known to be affordable so if you’re looking to stick to the simple minimalistic look, we got you covered with a range of colours and fabrics to suit everyone's style. Roller blinds are easy to clean as they don’t collect dust, making the house work easier. 

Cheap Roller blinds are a classic that does as advertised, they can provide an amazing night’s sleep with a blackout fabric. Barcelona Sapphire Blue is perfect if you’re wanting a blind to have the blackout feature at such a small cost, a deep blue adds warmth to your home and is suitable for moist conditions.

Blue Roller Blind

Starting from £10

Cheap Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are known for being stylish and classy due to them being practical with a distinctive look compared to Roller blinds, but they are known for being a bit more expensive due to their unique style, nothing changes here just the price so you can get your cheap blinds.

Having full control is what we all love, and Venetian blinds allow us to do this. Since you can turn the slats to adjust the lighting within the room it allows full comfort all day long. The perfect versatile blind, they are available in a range of different colours and a wood effect with a grain running through the slats to give them the effect of the real deal.

Venetian Blinds can come in a wood effect or aluminium depending on your preference the price can differ. We aim to provide a budget-friendly stylish blind; the starting price is £15 per blind. Cheap Venetians blinds are perfect for all homes. 

Wanting to add vibrance to your home then Peppermint Green is an ideal option and will blend into most décor also the aluminium slats are hard-wearing and ideal for humid or high-traffic spaces.


Peppermint Green Venetian Blinds 25mm
Starting from £15

Cheap Vertical Blinds

PVC vertical blinds are the go-to blind if you want a distinctive look in your home. This style of blind is perfect for families with children due to the easy wipe material especially if you want them white! Starting at £9.90 per blind.

Vertical blinds are very simple to maintain since dust is easy to remove with a damp wet cloth. Perfect for the bathroom since they are available in a waterproof PVC that is perfect for humid at wet areas of the house so splash away without worrying. Fabrics for everyone, these blinds don’t need to be simple if you want to add a pop of colour or even some funkiness to your home, do it with cheap Vertical blinds! 

Do you have patio doors and are struggling to find the perfect style of blind for them? Vertical blinds are perfect as they gently diffuse the light, and they can fit almost any width. 

Auckland Cream is perfect to pair with soft pastel colours within your home and add a subtle touch of class. You can choose whether the blind splits from the centre or goes off to the right or left, and control the light by turning them 180 degrees to stop the sun from glaring in.

Auckland Cream Vertical Blinds

Starting from £9.90

Cheap Wooden Blinds

For a stylish and modern home wooden blinds are perfect for your windows and are available in real or faux wood. Offered in a wide range of modern shades that you can add to your home for as little as £38.80 per blind the sleek slated wonders are perfect for any window and will make any visitor say WOW.

Everyone will be shocked when you tell them the secret of how much you got them for as they are known for being expensive and luxurious, and stand out from your other neighbours with these affordable and cheap wooden blinds. 

A rich grey tone that is perfect for any room. Jupiter Flint Grey is the way to add class to safety as this blind is moisture-proof and fire resistant, these PVC blinds are an easy wipe for any messy hands that could touch the blinds, perfect for family homes.


Jupiter Flint Grey Wooden Blinds 50mm

Starting from £38.80

Cheap Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are the best to provide style and practicality to your window. They are known for being one of the most popular traditional styles used today. They have lasted this long for several reasons, are stylish and are available in a wide range of fabrics. Starting at £28.40 per blind, some may say they are the more elegant sister to Roller blinds. 

Roman blinds have many benefits which we love to rave about. Light control, Romans are perfect for allowing how much or little light you are wanting in your home, due to a thicker fabric they block out a lot more light than you would think. We take safety to the ultimate level with the breakaway cord, so if any weight is put on the cord, it will snap but don’t worry it is easily fixed, perfect for homes with children. Get your cheap Roman blinds from Blind4You to add a touch of elegance to your home. 

Add character to your windows with Magnificent Charcoal Black, this Roman adds the sleek finish that your interior deserves. It will make a difference in any room by offering functionality as well.

Magnificent Charcoal Black Roman Blinds

Starting from £28.40

We offer a wide range of styles, and fabrics so don’t think you can't have your dream blind due to the price. We offer different prices for every budget if you are wanting something cheaper or more expensive. If you have your measurements to hand you can price check these with any style of blind to see what suits you best, even samples are available upon request. 


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