Measuring Guide for Shutters

With Blinds4You, measuring for your beautiful new blind is easy. Just
follow this step-by-step guide, taking care to double check as you go. Below is a handy
guide for measuring for Shutters.

Check window for suitability

Before you start measuring, decide where you want to fit the blinds – you will need to allow for our Wooden/Faux Wooden blinds headrail (see table below). Look out for obstacles like window handles or air vents that may get in the way. If you do, add these onto the depth of your brackets to create reference measurement point X.
The difference needs to be less than 12mm. If it’s more than this, your recess is not suitable for shutters but we have alternative blinds and curtains to choose from instead.

Measuring for shutters

You can fit our window shutters inside the recess or at the front of the recess. First decide which option suits you and follow the guide below for that fitting method.

Fitting at front of recess

Measure the width of the recess in three places – top, middle and bottom. Measure the drop of the recess in three places – left, right and centre. For both use the smallest

Fitting inside the recess

Decide where you want to fit the shutters - be aware of any obstacles such as window handles or air vents. Then measure the width and drop of your recess in 3 places each. For both use the smallest measurements.

Measuring for midrail

If your shutter is over 1400mm drop, you will require a midrail for supporting the shutters. You can choose where this midrail goes. We recommend that you match the midrail up with any transom bars on your windows.
For structural reasons, your midrail must be a minimum of 380mm and a maximum of 1300mm from the top and bottom of your shutter.
For Midrail position, measure from the bottom of your recess to the centre of where you want the midrail to sit.
If you are matching with a window transom bar, measure to the centre of the bar.

Top Tip

Once you have noted your measurements, enter the sizes into and choose the Exact fitting
option. We will make your new blind to your sizes without deductions and send them out to you ready to fit.