What Are Day & Night Blinds?

Day & Night blinds (sometimes referred to as Visions) are an attractive alternative to the classic Venetian or Roller blind. The blind features two layers of striped fabric that you can move to your desired position using a chain. When you want complete darkness you can move it to match up the layers and block out the light altogether. However, if you’re looking for light to come in but keep your privacy, you can simply adjust the blinds to suit any of your needs. This type of blind is very flexible and offers you numerous choices.    

Why choose a Day & Night Blind?

Day & Night blinds combine the ideal balance of privacy and light control with a fashionable, eye-catching trend of bold stripes and colour blocking. Our stunning range of fabrics for vision blinds means you won't be stuck for choice. There is something to match any interior.


How do Day & Night blinds work? 

A single control chain is attached to the cassette. You use the chain to slide the translucent woven stripes past one another. The same chain is used to raise and lower the blind to any height you want in the window. A Day & Night blind is a perfect choice if you're looking to reduce the glare entering your room. The functionality means you have even more control over light and privacy. They can also be fully rolled up into the cassette to reveal a non-interrupted view to the outside. 

Benefits of a Day & Night blind: 

There are many reasons why you should choose a Day & Night blind. We’ve broken some of the benefits below:

  • With the two-tone lined fabric, you can slide it into a closed position to allow full privacy to give a statement-making block of beautiful fabric at your window
  • Choosing the translucent, opaque position creates a stunning striped statement and allows you to make the most of the view whilst being shaded
  • Day & Night blinds are very easy to use, keep clean and maintain - a very efficient option!
  • The contemporary style of this blind blends in effortlessly into modern decor

Not only that, there are plenty of options to choose from, including whites to neutrals to black blinds with translucent stripes. This blind is perfect for any interior and busy rooms where you can proudly show off your stunning blind.


How to clean a vision blind: 

Cleaning a vision blind is very much the same as cleaning your roller blinds by dusting them with a cloth or a dusting brush. To make sure they look their best, you can use the brush attachment from your vacuum as that helps keep your blinds free from dust and look as good as new. 

We would also recommend a slightly damp cloth to remove any marks. If necessary, you could use a small amount of washing up liquid to remove any minor marks or stains. Try to absorb as much moisture from the blinds as possible; you can use a towel or paper towels to do this, then leave them rolled out on a flat surface until they are 100% dry. Once dry, you can roll them back up and fit them in place.

Ordering Day & Night Blinds

So there you have it. Day & Night blinds have become very popular over recent years and are a very stylish and contemporary alternative to venetian and roller blinds. Why not browse the collection and order a free sample today? Or if you’re sure you know which colour you want, simply enter your measurements into the calculator and get an instant price.
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