Trending Summer Fabrics for Blinds

It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the interior design world, as the choice of soft furnishings seemingly grows by the minute. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of the top trends for this summer, to help you narrow your options and find the perfect blinds for your home.

Neutral Tones for Blinds

It may surprise you, but a colour palette of neutral tones and muted colours can actually create a refreshingly bright and airy summer space. It takes inspiration from the earthy tones of the natural world and invites a soft light into your home, for the perfect environment of serenity and calm. There’s a practical reason to furnish your house with neutral tones, too; unlike dark colours, which trap heat, lighter colours reflect the light and warmth - keeping your room blissfully cool and comfortable. 

Beige, oatmeals, ivories, and taupe are all examples of great shades to choose for your blinds during the summer months, and even better if they come in natural-looking fabrics like linen.

Brilliant Oatmeal Beige Roman Blinds

Oatmeal Beige Roman Blind

St Kilda Linen Roller Blinds

Linen Roller Blind


Shades of Green Blinds

The colour most reminiscent of nature and all things flora and fauna is, of course, green. It’s been cropping up across interiors and clothing designs all year round, and is the perfect way to give your home a contemporary, summer feel while also keeping to a timeless style. There are so many shades to choose from, from the earthy tones of mossy and sage to the vibrant hits of lime and kiwi green, but they all have the power to channel the fresh energy of the outdoors into your home.

Majestic Green Venetian Blinds

Majestic Green Venetian Blind

For a particularly calming feel, choose a paler shade that edges into the springtime colour palette. These will beautifully complement any Scandinavian style room - another big interior trend this year - and instantly transport you to a place of tranquillity.

Amalfi Mint Green Pleated Blinds

Mint Green Pleated Blind

Light-Enhancing Designs in Blinds

Summer is a time we shouldn’t take for granted here in the UK, yet we never feel like we’ve properly made the most of the warming sunlight when we head back into the welcoming cocoon of winter. One way to maximise your enjoyment of the glorious bright days is to furnish your home with blinds that let in the light while also shading you from the sun’s full glare. Wooden and Venetian blinds are the best way to go about this as they are, fortunately, a trending piece of interior design year upon year.

Both styles of blind are adjustable and can be changed throughout the day as the sun rises and dips, enhancing the bright or golden glow of the sun’s trajectory.

Walnut Brown Wooden Blinds

Walnut Brown Wooden Blinds

Despite natural wooden tones being a versatile and contemporary option when choosing a blind, you’re certainly not limited by colour at Blinds4You. Pure, brilliant white is a great option for brightening a dingy room if your windows are small, or go for a Venetian blind in your favourite shade of blue for a focal point that looks good whatever the season.

Blueberry Blue Venetian Blinds

Blueberry Blue Venetian Blinds


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