Roller Blinds Vs Day & Night Blinds

Roller blinds are a classic choice of window covering. They’re simple in design, practical in use, and versatile enough to look good in any room. Day & night blinds, although also loved by many for their stylish practicality, are a much newer design and not as commonly found on the market. But is that changing?

Below, we’ve compared the benefits of both roller blinds and day & night blinds, to help you select the ideal set for your home.

Roller Blinds

  • Easy to use for light and privacy control. 
  • Available in a huge range of materials, colours, and patterns, as well as additional features such as wipeable or blackout. This makes them ideal for families with young children, as they can withstand everyday wear-and-tear and help provide a good night’s sleep.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Suitable for use in bathrooms, unlike other styles (Venetian and wooden blinds are not a good choice for high-moisture places).

Roller Blinds - Blinds4You

Day & Night Blinds

  • Complete control over light intensity. The clever design moves easily to allow you to tailor the amount of sunlight let in, which is excellent for use throughout the changing seasons. 
  • Their contemporary style makes them ideal for modern interior decor. The striking striped look creates a feature of your window, and the extensive selection of colours means you can choose a design that perfectly complements any room.  
  • Easy to clean and upkeep. Both roller blinds and day & night blinds only require a quick dust or wipe with a damp cloth - another bonus over the heavy-duty maintenance of curtains!

Day & Night Blinds - Blinds4You

As you can see, both styles would make an elegant and functional addition to any home. They offer protection from sunlight, a privacy screen, and can be ordered made-to-measure in anything from a versatile neutral tone of blackout material, to a refreshing green shade of recycled material. 

Both designs are space-efficient, too. They fit neatly onto any size and shape of window, and when chosen in the right colour can help to enhance a space. Day & night blinds might help modernise a minimalist style office, for example, while the simplicity of a roller blind means it works well in small spaces, even blending into the rest of the room. 

One of the key differences currently is the price: the relative novelty of day & night blinds on the home furnishings scene puts them at a slightly higher price point. While any well-fitting, long-lasting set of blinds makes an excellent investment, this could be a deciding factor if you’re sticking to a budget.

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