Electric Roller Blinds - All You Need to Know

Everyone wants to have that WOW factor with electric blinds in their home but sometimes they fear the supposed costs. At Blinds4You, we offer a wide variety of price ranges to suit our customers’ budget, including Electric Roller blinds which come in a variety of beautiful and contemporary fabrics. 

If you’re interested in Electric Roller blinds, and are looking for more information on why they would be perfect for your home, then here are the advantages our Electric Roller blinds provide.

The Benefits of Electric Roller Blinds

Electric Roller blinds are becoming more popular within home interiors as they provide numerous benefits to people’s everyday lives. Once you embrace Electric roller blinds the satisfactory levels you will experience with these blinds are ludicrous. 

Motorised Roller Blinds

You may be wondering how Motorised Roller blinds work; we have you covered with our helpful Measuring and Fitting guide which will take you through each step. Motorised roller blinds include a wire-free, rechargeable motor which is operated using a sleek remote control that takes 100% of the effort out of using this blind. 

Wire-free also means no fiddly electrics to contend with too, so installation is simple. For your convenience we pre-program your remote to work with your blind, meaning it will operate straight away and save you time. You then have the option of programming in automatic stop points, meaning all you need to do is set your blind to your desired height, it’s really that easy.

Being fully motorised allows for that extra bit of control as you can set the blinds the perfect height whether you're lying-in bed, doing daily tasks, housework or watching your favourite show, you can set your blinds without moving.

Automatic Roller Blinds

If you’re wanting that sleek and clean interior style within your home, automatic roller blinds are the perfect addition for dressing your windows. These types of blinds will create a smart and elegant look within your home, as they have no cord disrupting your interior aesthetic. 

Automatic roller blinds are perfect for reducing glare in your home. Using our easy-to-use remote control, you can effortlessly adjust your blinds with the touch of a button allowing you to relax after a busy day and give you privacy to shut off from the world.

Safety is important, meaning automatic blinds are perfect if you have any children. Since they come cordless there won’t be anything hanging from the side of the blind that someone could hurt themselves on or break by playing with, since the blinds are fully operated by a control that can be placed out of the way. 

Electric Roller Blackout Blinds

These are perfect for a great night’s sleep. Being able to control your blinds from the bed is an absolute bonus. The fabric helps block out any unwanted light that can peer through a normal fabric. Blackout fabric offers more privacy as the fabric is slightly thicker than your average blinds. 

Electric Roller Blinds are popular due to their features, having the blackout fabric keeps out the extra light and being fully automated you don’t need to stop what you're doing to adjust the blinds height, making them worth your money.

Providing a wide range of fabrics, we have a style for everyone. May it be basic, a solid colour or if you're wanting to add pattern to your home, blackout blinds are perfect for any window, living room, bedroom, kitchen you name it, they will fit in seamlessly anywhere.

A blackout blind with the electric feature is an added bonus. This adds complete comfort to your home and if you have any guests staying, we promise they will rave about their sleep due to the extra light blocked out and the full control they had over the blinds making your hosting skills five star.

Best Electric Roller Blinds

We compiled just a few of our favourite Electric Roller blind styles providing you inspiration for your home. To view the full range of styles and fabrics that Blinds4You offers visit our Electric Roller Blinds selection. 

Brilliant Barcelona Beige Electric Roller Blinds

There’s a timeless beauty in Barcelona Beige, the vintage colour along with a blackout fabric adds plenty of texture and warmth to your window. Wherever it is hung, expect complete darkness with just the click of a button.

Beige Electric Roller Blind

Opulent Orlando Cosmic Grey Electric Roller Blinds

Functional yet stylish Orlando Cosmic Grey Electric Roller blind is perfect for a range of different interior design styles, from the traditional to the ultra-modern. It offers light control, thermal efficiency, privacy and has a flame-retardant coating. This Orlando roller blind features a stylish plain design, bringing interest to your home and adding a finishing touch to your décor.

Grey Electric Roller Blind

Versatile Vienna Sonar Grey Electric Roller Blinds

Having the automated feature with Vienna Sonar Grey will gently filter light without making the room pitch black allowing morning colours to peer through creating a beautiful atmosphere. Perfect for any room while having full control of the blind.

Grey Electric Roller Blind

Electric Roller Blinds Cost

When it comes to buying Electric Roller blinds that can be budget friendly, always shop for quality by choosing a design that you know will suit your home interior. Electric blinds offer functionality with style to add that wow factor.

Electric Roller blinds can vary in price depending on the type of fabric you require for your home. To find the perfect option our website allows you to filter by price helping you stick to your budget. Providing a 5-year guarantee and high quality made to measure blinds starting from only £72 per blind, it’s hard to say no to these competitive prices.  

Electric Roller blinds have multiple benefits such as fully automated, height setting, cordless etc. so if you are wanting to add extra luxury into your home and to stand out from your neighbours then these are the Blinds4You.

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