5 reasons you should invest in John King & Sons Collection

Welcome to a world where elegance meets functionality - the John King & Sons Collection! This exquisite collection, steeped in rich history and unmatched quality, will transform your space. Whether you're starting small or aiming high, the Kings Collection offers investment options that fit any budget.

1. Vibrant Fabric Colours: Personalise Your Style

In this collection, colours aren't just colours; they're a range of exciting possibilities. From calm neutral tones to bold vibrant shades, each colour is carefully crafted. Picture the peace of a beach or the cosy feel of a rustic home. These blinds aren't just for windows; they're a way to show your style. Mix and match these colours and patterns to create a look that's all about you and sets the mood for your room.

Design Tip: Elevate your room's ambience by using contrasting colours. Pair light-coloured blinds with darker walls to create a striking visual contrast or opt for tonal harmony by matching blinds to your room's colour scheme.

Abstract Tones Roller Blinds

Was £15.98
Now From £7.99

2. Blackout Magic: Ultimate Light Control

Unwind in your own little zen zone with the John King & Sons Collection's blackout blinds. Designed for those who value privacy and uninterrupted serenity, these blinds offer more than just light control; they create a cosy retreat. 

Say farewell to intrusive glare and streetlight interruptions, embracing undisturbed sleep, immersive home theatre experiences, or serene moments throughout the day. Effortlessly transform any room into a peaceful cocoon, ensuring moments of uninterrupted bliss at your fingertips.

Function Tip: Ideal for bedrooms, media rooms, or spaces where light control is paramount, blackout blinds provide an optimal solution for comfort and relaxation.

Paris Navy FR Roller Blinds

Was £15.98
Now From £7.99

3. Moisture-Resistant Durability: Beauty Meets Resilience

Beyond beauty lies the resilience of the Collection's Moisture-resistant properties. Crafted to endure the elements, these blinds redefine functionality with an unwavering promise of durability and longevity. They're not just a visual delight, they also prove their reliability. Particularly in spaces prone to high humidity, like bathrooms or kitchens. With the ability to effortlessly fight moisture, these blinds ensure your space remains a sanctuary of style and resilience, unaffected by the challenges of daily life.

Maintenance Reliability: Experience the peace of mind that comes along with this specialised feature, tailored to counter moisture effortlessly and maintain your space’s beauty. 

Clyde Cream Roller Blinds

Was £15.98
Now From £7.99

4. Heritage Craftsmanship: 240 Years of Excellence

Embark on a journey through time with the John King & Sons Collection. Rooted in a legacy dating back to 1775 in Glasgow, Scotland, these blinds epitomise unparalleled craftsmanship. Imported top-quality cotton fabric for window blinds revolutionised the industry, ensuring durability and timeless appeal.

History Insight: John King's innovative approach revolutionised fabric quality and patterns, establishing an enduring benchmark for excellence that endures through generations.

5. Safety First: Flame-Retardant Assurance

In the Collection, safety takes centre stage, and the flame-retardant properties underscore its unwavering commitment to your well-being. These blinds prioritise safety without compromise, seamlessly integrating flame-retardant properties without sacrificing an ounce of style or quality. Be it in your home or a commercial setting, these blinds offer a reassuring shield against potential hazards. Rest easy, knowing that while these blinds elevate your space in elegance, they stand steadfast in ensuring your safety remains uncompromised.

Peace of Mind: Whether in residential or commercial spaces, this safety feature provides reassurance and protection against potential hazards.


Paris White FR Roller Blinds

Was £15.98
Now From £7.99

Conclusion: Elevate Your Space with Kings Collection Roller Blinds

There you have it—five compelling reasons to embrace the John King & Sons Collection. These window treatments go beyond mere function, they're a blend of sophistication, utility, heritage, and security. They turn any space into a haven that captures both chic design and usefulness. With a hundred years behind it, this Collection offers more than just blinds. It's an immersion—an ode to enduring beauty and unmatched craftsmanship.

So, why wait? Elevate your space with the John King & Sons Collection and let your surroundings reflect the epitome of elegance and functionality.

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